On The Issues


Standing up for You

You deserve a senator that will fight for you, and not back down from the special interest groups in Tallahassee. Debbie Mayfield has a record to prove she will always put you first. Debbie stood up to protect ratepayers against increased power and utility bills, cut regulations that would strangle our local small businesses, and led the fight to ensure taxpayer-funded benefits are available for our citizens, and not illegal immigrants.

Stopping Common Core and Electing a Commissioner of Education

Debbie believes that education decisions are best made at the local level, and she has consistently opposed the federal takeover of Florida’s classrooms. As your state Senator, she will fight to make sure that education decisions remain local, and are controlled by parents and teachers from our community. She has been instrumental in pushing for an elected Commissioner of Education to ensure Floridians had a greater voice in the public system.

Creating Jobs

Debbie Mayfield will protect Florida jobs and businesses by lowering taxes and deregulating business. She has been a leader when it comes to cutting the red tape and regulations to help small businesses create jobs and improve our economy.

Balancing the Budget and Cutting Taxes

Families have to live within their means, and we should expect our state government to do the same. Since being in the State House, Debbie has voted for balanced budgets every year, cut taxes by $3 billion and reduced debt by over $4 billion. Debbie knows when we apply conservative, fiscal principles to the budget, and refuse to give priority to established special interest groups, we can balance our budget in a way that still provides for the needs of our citizens.

Save the Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon is our most precious resource. It is essential for our marine industries, for recreation, and even for the amount of vast marine life that it supports. Debbie will fight – against all special interests, including the big businesses and the established politicians in Tallahassee - for all available resources necessary to preserve this integral part of our community. This legislative session, she helped push a historic bill – Legacy Florida – guaranteeing $200 million dollars per year for 20 years to protect Florida’s waterways.

Repeal Obamacare

Obamacare has been a complete disaster. It has driven up healthcare prices while simultaneously reducing patient choice. Debbie understands the need for access to quality healthcare for Floridians, and will work to rein in the federal government’s takeover of the healthcare system.

Secure Our Borders

Debbie believes we can no longer afford the continuous influx of illegal immigrants that continue to stream through our porous borders. A secure border is of utmost importance to ensure both our economic prosperity and national security. Debbie has proven herself on this issue time and time again, opposing taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants.

Sanctity of Life

We must continue to hold all life sacred, and oppose any efforts by liberals to encroach on the rights of the unborn. Debbie will fight vigorously and oppose any efforts to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

2nd Amendment

As a trusted conservative with a proven record, Debbie will continue to fight to protect the right to bear arms.